Good Child

Actors in the movie:

The students of Rainbow-Kawasaki primary school.

  • Bunnart Anesa (Female) : Student 
  • Sambeun Vong Rasmei (Male) : Friend (student of grade 6)
  • Eng Sokleap (Female) : Friend (student of grade 6)
  • Veang Di (Male) : Father 
  • Em Sovann (Female) : Mother
  • Ou Sreyleap (Female) : Teacher

Group Leader

Ou Sreyleap : Teacher  (Student in Grade 6)


Chalem Ngem (Computer & English Teacher of Rainbow-Kawasaki School)


Hung Seng : Student


This story just a message for all children which have to try to study at home, because it's not enough only study at school and especially after school children have to do housework to the parents.


We spended almost 4 hours to upload this movie to YouTube.

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