Osiengle is a village in Ratanakiri Province.
This area was a remote mountain;· especially there were a lot of forests.
Most the people living there do not understand how to protect from the malaria.
So in this story, it shows about a family suffering from malaria.

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Important roles

  1. Phalla Ma (Sophal), Male, Grade 5
  2. Samnang Luen (Pou Sam), Male, Grade 6
  3. Srei Eng Sa (Ming Say), Female, Grade 6
  4. De Leuy (Ming Men), Female, Grade 6
  5. Luong Hun (Doctor), Female, Grade 6
  6. Student Grade 5 & 6 (Villagers)

Group Leader

Phalla Ma


Samnang Luen


Rainbow Kawasaki School located in Ausieng Lè Village, Kalaeng Commune, Lum Phath District, where is a remote mountainous area over 30km from Banlung City of Ratanakiri Province, Cambodia. This area surrounded by thick forest and farm, caused a high percentage of Malaria -- A disease causing fever that recurs at intervals, transmitted by mosquitoes.

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