Generous Child


All students of Rainbow and Kawasaki primary school.

  • Khen Sreypow (Female) : Old Lady (Grade: 5)
  • Lay Tong Sing (Male) : Generous Child (Grade: 5)
  • Berm Phanith (Male) : Guardian (Grade: 5)
  • Nun Sreyva (Female) : Tong Sing's mother (Grade: 5)
  • Sean Tengsan (Male) : Master (Grade; 5)
  • Sok Ountouch, Leum Mesa, Lin Dara, Lim Chheng Hean, Vinchork, Say Noy (Male) : (Drinkers)

Group Leader

Lay Tong Sing (Student in Grade 5)


Ratanak Neang (Computer & English Teacher of Rainbow Kawasaki School)


Sok Oun Touch (Student in Grade 5)


Story "Generous Child" is intended to aducate all readers, especially all children, to behave kindly, to respect other people and do not look other weaker people; moreover, it is aimed to advise children to kindly share their possessions with poor and helpless people in a generous way.


We spended almost 10 hours to upload this movie to YouTube.

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