One Pencil

Please kindly watch our movie and comment below:


All students of Rainbow and Kawasaki primary school.

  • Chhuon Lika, female : (Grade 4)
  • Chhay Phaly, female : Lika's mother (Grade 6)
  • Say Noy, male : Lika's father (Grade 6)
  • Phal Nary, female : Teacher (Grade 6)
  • Lin Dara, male : A mischievous student in the class (Grade 5)
  • Thorn Srey Horng, female : Old lady (Grade 5)
  • And other student of English class

Group Leader

Ratanak Neang : (English & Computer teacher)


Ratanak Neang (English & Computer teacherr)


Lay Tongsing : (Student in Grade 5)


Story "One Pencil" is a good movie for the children because it educate all children to prepare them self to be come good students, good friends, and good children in their living.

Special thank to:

All students who try their best to acting in this movie.


We spended in full night to upload this movie to YouTube.

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