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Illiterate Disadvantage (Part 2, END)


The students of Rainbow and Kawasaki primary school.

  • Linnan Lay (Female) : Important Actress (Grade: 4)
  • Sreymao Lorn (Female) : Linnan's Mother (Grade: 5)
  • Tim Ton (Male) : Linnan's Father (Grade: 4)
  • Ly Neth Soeun (Female) : Linnan's Friend (Grade: 4)
  • Sovann Em (Female) : Linnan's Friend (Grade: 4)
  • Socheat Try (Male) : An uncle
  • Chheng Hean Leum (Male) Doctor

Group Leader

Lay Tong Sing (Student in Grade 5)


Ratanak Neang (Computer & English Teacher of Rainbow Kawasaki School)


Phanith Berm (Student in Grade 5)


Story "Illiterate Disadvantage" is intended to aducate all readers, especially all parents, should take their children to attend school to avoid future ignorant .


We spended almost 2 hours to upload this movie to YouTube.

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