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PCs installing for running new computers

On the 19th, November 2016, the activities installing the PCs in the evening class of group C, which donate  by Mr. Sato for running the computer class of new academic.

Activities of our kids installing the the PCs into two groups: Boy & Girl.

Boy group of grade 6

schoolboy-install-PC 2

Girl group of grade 6 & 7

Schoolgirl-install-PCs 1

PCs finished installing to make in line


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Mr.Sato-&-Kayoku tour in Rainbow

The 21st of November 2016, Mr. Sato & Mrs. Kayoku visited the Rainbow school to see the school condition of new academic and presented the gift to our kids as a pen, a notebook. In the mean time, Mr. Sato & Mrs. Kayoku have expressed great pleasure to see our kids learning activities and encourage them try to study hard.

Mr. Sato and Mrs. Kayoku expressed great pleasure to kids


Mrs. Kayoku presented notebook and pen to kids


Mr. Sato presented notebook and pen to kids


Cover tag on PCs by Mr. Rasy


Donor visit vegetable garden-morning glory


Donor meeting with teachers.

Donors-meeting-teachers 2

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New School Year of Rainbow called Orsinglair primary school

The 03rd Octorber 2016 in Rainbow called Orsinglair school is starting reopen a new academic year of 2016-2017 to welcome new time to work, meeting student, registration kids name and new vocational after holidays for half a month of general knowledge (Khmer class). 

For the new year all us (teachers & student) are really excited to back our time to study in new vocational/grade, new teachers, new friends and more the new school building (secondary) Masayuki Sato which donated from Japanese generously by Mr. Sato. Not only our teachers, kids as also people in Orsinlair are fine and don't have nothing to say beside pushing children to study hard to gain and exploit their knowledge to use in the future.

Students and their parents are standing to register name for new grade.


Teacher is preparing the list for new student registration.

Teacherstudent-check-in-list 1

Primary schoolgirl do labor to cut the grasses round the yard.

student-labor-14-10 1

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Gift Movie Festival 2016

The 22nd Wednesday morning, June 2016 in Rainbow school has presented some gifts to student who actor in a "Good child" short movie likes: notebooks, pens, dictionaries and t-shirts as encourage present.

Here below is the short video acknowledgement to our donor that always supporting the movie film festival every year by student of grade 6. For this video film just a message to bring up the children to keep and take care owner responsibility indoor/outdoor as also avoid from everything that make us to fall in miseries. 

Pleased welcome to watch it.

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