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News 2010

Dr. Kawasaki and Mrs. Kayoko Kawasaki visit (RKS) school and have excursion with students

On  Wednesday 04th  May, 2011  the students in grade 6 of Rainbow Kawasaki School have

examination reading Khmer and English book.

In the examination of the students, we show our  a great honor to join by Dr. Kawasaki, Mrs.
Kawasaki and  Mrs. Phaly Nuon  Founder and Executive Director of the Future Light Orphanage in Phnom Penh
with her one staffs from Phnom Penh Mr. Bora Chan and Mr. Sovann Heng  Ratanakiri Project manger.

The students in grade 6 have examination reading  Khmer and English book:

students_have_exsamination_    students_liestion_friend_reading    schoolboy_reading_english_story                                                                   

schoolgirl_reading    schoolgirl_reading_book    school_boy_reading_book

After our great honor  visit  students examination, Dr. Kawasaki, Madam Kayoko Kawasaki  and along with,
Mrs. Phaly Nuon and her staff to  visit the requested that principal and  teacher group of (RKS) school request
in February such as a small generator, repair/replace the school's toilet roof, and a concrete platform in front
of the teachers's house.

And the last time our great honor kept the stories books and writing book pen to the  school for distribute to  the  students.

Here is the principal Sido Em and teacher group  request on February:

generator    school_toilet    DSC05652

And the next day on Thursday 05th May 2011 in the morning at 7h00 the students and  teachers departure from Rainbow
Kawasaki school to Banlung city to buy  small  fruits tree and after we continue to visit Banlung dormitory jurior
high school. And the last time we went to have lunch at Yeak Laom Lake the  best natural lake in Ratanakiri province. 

This event is the wonderful trip for our school with Dr. Kawasaki and Madam Kayoko Kawasaki and a group of honored guest
that have the best  time in this excursion with our and especially that they were  buy much gift such as small fruit tree and
bag to the kids as well as for your generosity and warm support.

The students were very happy when they received the giftfrom Dr. Kawasaki, Madam. Kayoko Kawasaki and a group
of honored guest and especially that Dr. Kawasaki and Mrs. Kayoko Kawasaki spending  their valuable  time for excursion with us.

On behalf of all students and teachers in (RKS) we would like to say thank to all honored guests,

especially Dr. Kawasaki and Madame Kayoko for this project.
We wish you all good luck, good health and  May all your wishes come true, everything goes well.


students_waiting_gift    teachers_and_students_look_gift    we_talking_plan_for_trip_to_Banlung_town

we_take_picture_with_our_great_of_honored_guest    DSC05571    students_happy_in_the_trip

students_looking_for_fruit_tree    students_continue_to_visit_Banlungdomitory_school    Banlung_domitory_junior_high_school

we_visit_Banlung_domitory    students_get_the_water    we_leave_from_domitory 


The students and our  a great honor to visit natural Yeak Laom lake

Dr.Kawasaki_and_Mrs.kayoko_Kawasaki_take_picture_with_students_at_Yeak_loam_lake    students_happy_when_they_arrive_Yeak_loam_lake    Dr.Kawasaki__to_distribute_the_foods_to_students_for_lunch

Mrs.Kayoko_kawasaki__to_distribute_the_food_to_students    students_very_happy_when_got_the_food    students_have_luch

Natural_Yeak_Laom_Lake    House_    side_of_lake

Dr.Kawasaki_and_Mrs.Kayoko_Kawasaki____to_distribute_the_bag_to_students    Dr.Kayoko_Kawasaki___to_distribute_the_bags_to_students    students_received_the_bag

students_take_the_tree_fruit_keeping_on_the_big_tree    students_keep_the_fruit_tree    students_bring_the_fruit_tree

Teachers of Rainbow Kawasaki School received a Diesel Engine


On Monday,28th March 2011, teachers of Rainbow Kawasaki Primary School received a Diesel Engine ( “JD” Jiang Dong) and including  some engine materials from our donors.

The teachers were really happy and very enthusiastic. , when we saw the Diesel Engine ( Jiang Dong) which funded from our donors.

The teachers said, this diesel engine ( Jiang Dong ) was very possible for our to enlightened at the night and for study Computer more at the night.

We are going to keeps this diesel engine to used in our school. And we would love to express our deep thanks to Mr. Rick Dyck, Dr. Kawasaki, and especially thank you to Mrs. Phaly Nuon for helping us to write and send our request to the donors.

We will never forget what you have been supporting us today and in the future.

You are always staying in our heart forever.


In below is the  activity of teachers  received a diesel engine ( Jiang Dong ) and including some Diesel Engine material  that teachers received from our donors:


DSC05502     IMG_0462

IMG_0464     IMG_0466


IMG_0468     DSC05485


In below  is the cements that we received  the next day after a small generator

DSC05505     DSC05506



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