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The Bernice Ryck & Kawasaki House

History of the Bernice Dyck & Kawasaki House.

Below is the message from Mr. Rick Dyck to his mother:

We have built a new house/dormitory at the Rainbow School for our teachers.  Attached is a photo of the sign which goes onto the dormitory.

The village of O-Sian Lair does not have good accommodations for teachers.  Last year we had a very good young lady come to the school as a teacher.  She seemed motivated and talented.  Unfortunately, the only place for her to stay was a tent which was made of a make-shift plastic sheet over some sticks.  She left the school after a year.

The make shift housing was not only uncomfortable, but it was not a safe place for a young lady to stay.  That is when we decided to build the dormitory.

The village collected the wood.  Dr. Kawasaki, Mrs. Kawasaki and I put up the money for the construction and outfitting of the building.

Please have a look at the sign.



Front far view of the teacher house.

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(Photo of the whole teacher house in distance view)

The house seems in the jungle, because this month the grasses are growing very fast.
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This house named as “The Bernice Dyck & Kawasaki House”. The house has four rooms; each room has a separated bathroom.

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(Photo of Bathroom)
The room also equipped with enough furniture such as: a bed, a desk, a chair and an armoire.
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(Photo of Interior Room)
The rooms were assigned from left to right to the following teachers:
•    First room for Mr. Phoeurn (Computer & English teacher)
•    Second room for Miss Lita (Teacher of Kindergarten)
•    Third room for Mr. Seth (Khmer Teacher)
•    Fourth room for Mr. Tí (Khmer Teacher)
Mr. Seth and Miss Lita haven’t moved to the new dormitory yet, because during this summer vocation, Mr. Seth go and have supplementary studies at Phnom Penh, as for Miss Lita she temporary comes and teaches kindergarten class at a kindergarten private school in Banlung to earn extra money for living.
Mr. Tí is the first teacher who moved to this new teacher house. Mr. Tí was married with a cute baby boy.

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(Photo of Mr. Tí)
While taking the photo, his wife and his baby were not at home, they went to the house of his parents in-law.

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Mr. Phoeurn is the second teacher who moved the Bernice Dyck and Kawasaki House, because he has to wait for his wife and his son move from Siem Reap province and live together.
I still remember that I used to suggest Sopoeurn that he should not invite his wife and his son to come to Osinle until he has finished and passed the 3 months of probation period; Maybe this couple miss teacher other very much, never separate for such a long time, or under the attraction of the beauty of Osinlair, his wife decided herself and came to Banlung without letting Sopheurn know in advance.
04th July in the early morning, Mrs. Vanna (wife of Mr. Sophoeurn) , her son (Seung Vitou) with a big luggage and a motorbike took bus from Siem Reap province to Strung Treng province, spent a night over there. In the next morning, she took another mini bus from Strung Treng to Ratanakiri.
I do admire her courage very much, and from the beginning I shouldn’t stop her coming here.

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(Family photo of Mr. Sophoeurn in front of the room)

The whole family sitting on a new bed in front of their room, this bed was made by Sophoeurn himself by using the rest wood from the house construction. Sophoeurn is good at carpenter, few days ago he also made the second wood tag to print on the Bernice Dyck & Kawasaki House. This tag is going to setup in front of the dormitory.
A small shrine dedicated to ancestral spirits was setup on top of their bed head.

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(Family photo of Mr. Sophoeurn inside the room)
Mr. Sophoeurn had a comfortable desk and chair to sit for preparing the lesson plan for his students.

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(Mr. Sophoeurn sitting)
Mrs. Vanna planted many kind of vegetables such as: bitter melon, yard-long bean, water convolvulus, lemon grass, garlic, spring onion an so on

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Bitter Melon grew surround the mango tree.

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While Luffa Gourds planted surround the jujube tree.

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Yard-long bean planted behind her room, next to the fence since 2 weeks ago.

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Water convolvulus were planted in row

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(Photo of the water convolvulus row)
Behind the dormitory and surrounding the guest house is a field of cassava, which Mr. Sidau school principal allowed a famer to plant.

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(Photo of Mr. Kounthea Thi, teacher of English at Vogel School, talking with a woman farmer and her daughter)
The woman farmer and her daughter clean grass surrounding the guest house very often.

Click on the below thumbnail to go to full photo album of the domitory

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View Photo Album in PDF click here


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