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Happy Merry Christmas Celebration on December 25, 2010


The Rainbow Kawasaki School, please welcome a very Happy Merry Christmas Celebration
on December 25, 2010. This is a very special time for the Rainbow Kawasaki Schoolchildren
 take some Christmas cards drawing by hand to welcome the Merry Christmas and especially to
Mr.Rick Dyck, Dr.Kawasaki, and Mrs.Phaly Nuon with your family from students
in Rainbow Kawasaki school of Cambodia.

Tomorrow on Saturday , December 25th, 2010 it's a Merry Christmas so all the students
in Rainbow Kawasaki school and  all the people in the world  will celebrate the Merry Christmas
day all together.

Below are  the Christmas Cards  drawing by our students


  Merry_Chrismas_from_srey__eng       Merry_Chrismas_from__long


 merry_chrismas_from_lea '      merry_christmas_from_channa


 merry_christmas_from_pisey        merry_christmas_happy_new_year


merry_christmas_from_sreyeng       merry_christmas


merry_christmas_from_narith       happ_merry_christmas_to_you


The students sing a song Merry Christmas to welcome a very Happy Merry Christmas  Celebration on December 25, 2010

students_sing_a_song_merry_christsmas       merry_christmas_song


happy_merry_christmas       students_happy_with_merry_christmas_song

The Relationship Between Rainbow Kawasaki Students and Miraizu Students

Dear MS.Nana

I my self and on behalf of the students  in  Rainbow – Kawasaki  School
in Ratanakiri province of Cambodia.
We really congratulation  to Ms Nana that effort to study
until  graduated from school of Miraizu and get  the certificate on 22nd December 2010.

Thank you very much that  you are a  person  to build the good relationship
between Cambodian Students and Japanese Students.

I wish you have a good luck, good heath and success in your work.
Sincerely yours,


And this is the students congratulation and  commends to you please have a look

The_students_congratulationto_Ms.Nana          students_comment

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