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RKS Students received the study materials from KGT Aidbox team

On Thursday 21st, October 2010, in the morning at Rainbow-Kawasaki primary school the students have school labor. After they finished the school labor, we represented the KGT AIDBOX Team, distributed the study materials to the students.

This is the list of distribution:

No Study material Kinder
Grade 1 Grade 2 Grade 3 Grade 4 Grade 5 Grade 6 Total
1 Writing book 23 52 34 37 18 27 15 206
2 Pen 0 0 34 37 18 27 15 131
3 Pencil 23 52 0 37 18 27 15 172
4 Ruler 0 0 34 37 18 27 15 131

Some of the study materials such as Writing books, Rulers, Pens, Pencils, Sharpener and Color pencils, we kept in the  library for the interlligent students.

For Reading books we keep in library for all the students to come and read.

This is the list of the study materials that remained from the distribution:

No Study material Remain Remark
1 Writing book 94
2 Reading book 130 Keeping in the Library
3 Pen 134
4 Pencil 136
5 Ruler 119
6 Sharpener 41
7 Color pencil 349

All the students were very happy when they got the book, pen, pencil and ruler.

And many thanks to KGT Aid team that support the school materials to them that meets poverty  materials for study. They're hope KGT Aid team will be continue to help them more.


students_have_school_labor      students_waiting_get_study_materials  

Principal_reding_the_materials_and_thanks_KGT_Aid_team      teacher_to_distributing_thestudy_materials_to_students

the_students_got_the_material_and_theyre_very_happy      students_very_happy


Rainbow-Kawasaki primary school

A Letter of Thanks to KGT AIDBOX TEAM

On 21 October 2010

Dear KGT Aidbox team,

I myself and on behalf of the students and teachers of the Rainbow-Kawasaki Primary School in Ratanakiri province of Cambodia, I would like to express deep thanks for your fourth generous donation of study materials to my school.

We really appreciate your efforts to raise this study materials and generosity. We are going to use this study materials to distribution to our students.

After the students received these school materials, they were very happy, smiling and very enthusiastic.

We do hope someday all KGT AIDBOX members could personally come to visit our school.

We wish you all good luck, good health and success in your work.

Once again thanks you for your good hearted donation and warm support.

Your Sincerely,



The Rainbow-Kawasaki Primary School Principal

Study materials donated by KGT Aidbox team

On 18th October 2010, The teachers and  the students of Rainbow Kawasaki Primary School received the study materials from KGT Aidbox Team.

KGT Aidbox Team is the group founded by the former Kampong Thom High School students. This team aim to help all the school which are remotely from the town and need penury study materials. KGT Aidbox Team not only support our school but also help the remote school  at Kompong Thom Province. This team will continued to help the impecuniousness School in Cambodia, as possible as they can by promoting the spirit of "Khmer help Khmer". More details please read the blog of KGT Aidbox Team.

After we received the study materials from KGT Aidbox Team with the packing list, we checked and found as below:

No School material Amount Other
1 Writing book 300 correct
2 Reading book 130 More 6
3 Pen 265 correct
4 Pencil 308 correct
5 Ruler 250 correct
6 Sharpener 41 correct
7 Color pencil 349 Loss 5 color pencil

All the students in Rainbow-Kawasaki primary school they are very enthusiastic and cheerful that KGT aidbox group help study materials to our school.

Rainbow-Kawasaki primary schoolchildren are really lucky to have a very great opportunity to study.

So we do hope all our students will have more chance to get school materials to learn.

On behalf of teachers and students of the Rainbow Kawasaki Primary School, would like to express our thanks for your donation, your generosity and warm support.


study_materials students_to_counted_the_study_materials  teachers_and_students_got_materials_from_KGT_Aidbox_team 

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