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News 2010

The Diesel engine broken

On 20th September 2010, our school diesel engine broken. So I invited a village mechanician to repaire. I also went to Banlung City for purchasing some spare parts and other materials to change the new cooling system of the generator.

After replacing a Japan made bearing no. 6210 and changing the water cooling system, now our generator works very well.


     A mechanician repairing the engine          Replacing a Japan made bearings no. 6210


     Installed a small water pump to assist cooling system          Water Barrel for new cooling system

After changing the system, the engine look totally difference, but it quite function very nice, the water not too hot like before, and able to keep engine more cooler.

Registration for New Academic Year 2010-2011

In this week, there were some parents taking their children to come and register for studying in the new academic year 2010-2011.

At the Rainbow Kawasaki School from  this week, September 2010 the school principle, Mr. Em Sido welcomed to all parents who took their children to register at the RKS Primary School.

The registration needn’t parents to pay money, so all the children even the indigenous children, disable children, and orphans they can study together.

Here is the best priority to all the children who wanted to study especially to the poor children that they don’t have the opportunity as other children because of their poor family living.

All the students they come from any where. After completing the registration form, Mr. Sidau School Principal told them to take part in the labor together to clean grasses around the school environment .

Up to 19th September, there were 37 schoolboys and 22 schoolgirls from Kindergarten to grade 6.

On the next days, we hope there are more and more students come to register in our school.

In few days to come , all primary schools in Cambodia as well as our RK school, are going to reopen new term.

Mr. Sidau School Principal helping the students complete the enrolement form     Teacher Ti l helping the students complete the enrolement form


the_students_cleaning__grass     students_cleaning_grass

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