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Visiting of Dr. Kawasaki and Mrs. Kayoko in RKS and Christmas tree for the memory of Mum Phaly

Main donors and students of Rainbow school On Tuesday 25th December, 2012  in the morning, Dr. Kawasaki  and Mrs. Kayoko with Mr. Rasy and Mr. Sovann Heng visited in Rainbow and Kawasaki Primary school; located in O-sinlair village, Ratanakiri province. They arrived in Rainbow school at 7 : 35 AM and all the students and teachers were very happy to see the presence of  them today. They stood in line in front of school gate to welcome them with beautiful smiling.
The reason why they visited in our school this time, because they have two purposes for Rainbow school.
 1. Science class teaching and product a Christmas tree to remind Mrs. Phaly’s soul.
 2. Plant arrangement to paint the new color for Rainbow building.

 The first time was the science class. Dr. Kawasaki taught all students in grade 6 how to set up LEDs by soldering them together, and the students practiced this set up them self one by one with their teachers.

Mrs Kayoko and RKSs students  Students and teachers are clapping their hand to welcome donors  Dr Kawasaki and Mr Rasy are walking into Rainbow school  Mrs. Kayoko is walking into rainbow school

Two hours later, the students got successful in set up LEDs. At that time, they were very please because they could do it. And they decorated them on a Christmas tree.

Dr Kawasaki is teaching the students how to set up LEDs by soldering them together  The students are soldering LEDs  The students were very happy when they got successful  They are decorating LEDs on christmas tree 

They take photos together after science class finish  We set up LEDs and the Christmas tree like this because we want to Memory of Mum Phaly who got pass away last month. And this is a good idea of Dr. Kawasaki and Mrs Kayoko.  Although, Mum Phaly passed away but her kindly still in our mind forever.



Mr Ratanak receive a lap top from Dr Kawasaki  Not only that, Dr. Kawasaki donated a mini lap top for English teacher, too to encourage him to working hard in this project.
 After the science class finished, about 11:15AM all teachers of Rainbow school and School donors had meeting in the guest house together. In this meeting, they discuses  about their plan to paint Rainbow building for a new year 2013.

Dr.Kawasaki and his wife agreed in this planning because they want Rainbow building become new again.

The are in meeting  School girl is giving lunch to donor  They are having lunch  Lunch time in the guest house 

Christmas treeAnd they are going to come back again in Rainbow school in March,01,2013 to paint the new color for Rainbow building. And after meeting, we had lunch together in the guest house with special food from students. And after lunch, they go back to Banlung town at 1:30pm.

 Finally, we all teachers and students of Rainbow school would like to say thank you to Dr. Kawasaki and Mrs. Kayoko who always donated to our school every year. We will remember their kindly in our mind forever.

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