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Excursion of Dr. and Mrs. Kawasaki 2013

 At the secondary schoolOn Monday morning 29 April 2013, Dr. Kawasaki and Mrs. Kayoko visited in Rainbow school. They arrived RKS at 8:45am, and all the students they stood in two rows behind the school gate to welcome them with very happy faces. Then, they came into the English class to see the examination of grade 6 students(English reading and Khmer reading) because this year He has a goal to take them for excursion to Banlung like the last years because they think that this is the last year for them before they need to attent to secondary school next year. So, Dr. Kawasaki and his wife have a plan for excursion to encourage them to study hard. Even though in their examination, there were some students fail, but Dr. Kawasaki still allowed them for a travelling to Banlung.

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Short Training of children's Right

 On Wednesday morning 27 March, 2013 Mr. Sophanna (Computer teacher at Vogel school) came to RKS to teach the children about children's Right. In that activity of teaching, Mr. Sophanna explained a lot to the students and they were very pleased to know somthing about the Right of children.

What Right or how many Rights do children have? for more information Please read.

Teacher Phanna is explaining about Right of the children  Student answer to teacher  They are having lunch  Schoolboys are having lunch

And after the training finished, teacher Sophanna have asked some questions to the children. Their answers make teacher Sophanna very happy because all the answers are very good. And after that, At 11:30 they have lunch togeter with happily.

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