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Visiting of Mr. Damian 2014

Mr DAMIAN is teaching the student 6  On Monday 04th August 2014, Mr. DAMIAN from Poland visited our Rianbow Kawasaki primary school to be a volunteer english teacher for one week after he met Mr. Sovann on the bus from Siem Reap to Ratanakiri province. On the bus, Mr. Sovann introduced our schools (Rainbow school and Vogel school) to Mr. Damian, and he was really interested in the two schools very much, thus he decided to be a volunteer of English teacher at Rainbow school for one week because the school is at the countryside.

DAMIAN spent a whole week to teach the students in Rianbow school.  the students were very happy to see study with a foreigner teacher. Not only teaching, after he knew about the students' life in O-sinlair village, they lived in the very poor family, some smart kids could not continue their secondary school at Banlung, because their pairents have no money to support them, so he decided to help 3 students who don't have enough money to continue their study at the secondary school in the city (Phal Nary, Sachet and Kheun Sreypow). He will help Nary 3 years. He donated for each students $40 per month but the first time he could help only one student for 5 months from October 2014 and the other 2 students for first 2 months. He will find the other generous donors in his country to help Sachet and Sreypow for 3 years.

Before he left from our school to other countries (indonesia), He gave in advance of the money 360 USD to Mr. Sovann for supporting to the students when they starting school for the new academic year 2014-2015.

Teacher Ratanak, Phanna and Chan are going to help follow up with the 3 students on monthly study records, take photos of kids when they come and pick up the money from Mr. Sovann, then report to Damian in e-mail.

Finally, we all teachers and students in Rainbow school would like to express our deep thank for the kindness of Mr. DAMIAN and his family and others who help the poor students. We wish them all the best in their lives and their works.

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