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The Official Inauguration of Masayuki Sato Junior School

On the 29th, May 2016 morning is the special day for people in Kaleng commune of Lamphath district, especially the students and teachers in Orsienglair school called "Rainbow" are exciting to busy of the official opening ceremony the new school "Orsienglair Junior School" with 3 rooms under support, and donated from Japanese generous Mr. Masayuki Sato. 

In that opportunity of official inauguration Masayuki Sato building which have joined by Mr. Masayuki Sato, Dr. Kawasaki and Mrs. Kayoko the donor, chairman of ministry of education, youth & sport Ratanakiri Mrs. Kham Khoeu, administrator of a district Mr. LouThi, a chief of Khum Kaleng & Patang, teachers & students of Orsienglair and people from Kaleng village.

For Mr. Masayuki Sato the new donator, he feels very pleasured and comfortable to see the teachers, students keep trying to work, to study as the one of center columns support the main rafter of a roof in Cambodia to develope national social, community to be growth. He also encourages the kids student and teachers more take care, keep trying with work at home, school or at anywhere to be a good child, good person in Cambodian social.

About Mrs. Kham Khoeu and Mr. Lou Thi, they show the same as Mr. Sato to share some experience to the kids how to become before now that all of us have always advantured the hard in past to change in present. After this they are pleasured to thanks to our donate, always look and see Cambodian people misery out countryside. Exactly in Ratanakiri province have lofs of indigenous people live far aways from the town, therefor they need too much knowledges to grow in each communities.

The end Mrs. Kham Khoeu and Mr. Lou Thi gave the medal and Certificate of Recognition to Mr. Masayuki Sato, Dr. Tatsuo Kawasaki, Mrs Kayoko. Then ribbon Cutting Ceremony and Sightseeing of the honour guests in the new school building, school compound and had lunch together. 

The new building of Masayuki Sato, Osienglair junior school is going to start teaching in new vacation 2016-2017 (grade 7- grade 9) which added two skills English & Computer programe like the general primary class present. 

 OCOIMS-29-5-16 1

Orsienglair Primary Gate In front

OCOIMS-29-5-16 14

 The Masayuki Sato junior school gate

OCOIMS-29-5-16 48

Arrivals of ministry chairman and donor

OCOIMS-29-5-16 4

Welcome the donors and chairman by kids & teachers at Osienglair

OCOIMS-29-5-16 6

Welcome the donor and chairman by community people

OCOIMS-29-5-16 11

Orsienglair students activities joined in an official inauguration of new junior school

OCOIMS-29-5-16 8

The monks praying to donor and chairman

OCOIMS-29-5-16 58

Remarks by Mr. Em Sido the principle of Orsienglair School

OCOIMS-29-5-16 12

Arrivals of donor and chairman in the scene

OCOIMS-29-5-16 13

Remarks by Mr. Masayuki Sato, donor supported School Building

OCOIMS-29-5-16 17

Distribution of the Medal and the Certificate of Recognition to Mr. Masayuki Sato

OCOIMS-29-5-16 22

 Certificate of Recognition to Mr. Masayuki Sato, Dr. Kawasak and Mrs. Kayoko

OCOIMS-29-5-16 24

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

OCOIMS-29-5-16 26

Signature of agreement

OCOIMS-29-5-16 30

Students view in the new building room

OCOIMS-29-5-16 35

Sightseeing of the honour guests in the new school building

OCOIMS-29-5-16 33

The souvenir of meeting between donor, teachers and citizens

OCOIMS-29-5-16 34

 The souvenir of Kids with donor and honour guests and the last photos are the activities of donors, teachers planning the hardwood trees "Beng".

OCOIMS-29-5-16 36

OCOIMS-29-5-16 38

OCOIMS-29-5-16 41


The trip of Dr. Kawasaki to Rainbow School

IMG 4031On Tuesday, the 15th of March 2016 afternoon Dr. Kawasaki Mr. Sovann and Mr. Rasy visited Rainbow school to teach us (students & teachers) of electricity how to install Solar panel for 2 hours. In this trip he also come to see the new building of junoir high school for new education of 2016-2017 next. All of Rainbows' students, especially teachers are very excited to join and get new experience to install it.

Then, Dr. Kawasaki Mr. Sovann and Mr. Rasy gave student a notebook and a pen to encourage & use for their study. 

The finally Dr. Kawasaki showed very excited that our students and teachers joined his program. Also the kids are smart to understand how to install Solar Panel.


Beside teaching how to install the Solar panel, he also give some gifts to our kids and it's the special memory of all students & students of Rainbow school souvonire picture.

IMG 4055

Kids successful to installed the Solar panel

IMG 4031

Dr. Kawasaki is teaching how to install group B

IMG 4078

Giving a notebook to the kids by Mr. Em Sido

Dr. Kawasaki-Electricity-15-3-16 2

 Group of kids has success to install in front of ENGLISH & COMPUTER class 

IMG 4085

Teachers, donor & Kids of Orsienglair show the souvenir with notebook + pens  

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