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New PCs donation by school donors and STEPS

Computer donated Dr Kawasaki and Mr. Rick dyck On Monday 18th, February, 2013, in Rainbow school received four new Computer PCs and three UPSs which the serene present of school donors and STEPS group in Japan.

 One PC was donation from STEPS group for the gift of the movie festival of the year 2012. And three other PCs and UPSs were donation from Dr. Kawasaki and Mr. Rick Dyck.

 At that day, All the students in RKS were very delighted and very excited. They stood together in front of the classroom with smiling faces to received these new PCs.
 In the last months, we have only two PCs and only one group for the computer class. but now we add two groups more for the computer classes because from this month we have six computers for the computer classes. And some students who did not study the computer before, now they  are so excited because from now on, they will have presence in the computer classes, too. And after receiving, they prepared to conection the PCs with monitors themselves happily. They look seem intelligent preparing and they determined that, they will try all their best to study to become intelligent students and take these knowledges to develop their country in the future.

  Computer donated by STEPS  Computer donated Dr Kawasaki and Mr. Rick dyck  They are preparing PC  They are conecting Monitor with PCs  

Although, these computers are not enough for all students in RKS but at least, a computer could help three or four students in a group because they change each other to use.

 Finally, we would like express our deep thank to Dr. Kawasaki, Mr. Rick Dyck, and STEPS group who always donated many school materials to our school very year. Even though, they are not Cambodian people, but they always helped the poor cambodian students asfar as. Their merit and their generous city will be stay in our mind forever. And at the end of time, we wish them all the best in their lives and their work.

Wall cleaning activity in RKS

They are polishing wall This Friday morning, the teachers in RKS started cleaning wall of Rainbow building. These activties are participated all of the students in Rainbow school. They start cleaning at 8 o'clock and finish at 11 o'clock in the morning. And they will do again at 1 o'clock to 5 o'clock in the evening.

 Some teachers use electric motors to polish wall, and other teachers and students use their hands with sandpapers to polish this wall. Although it is a bit hard work for them but they all working hard together with happy faces. They enjoy helping their theachers becuase they think that, school's duty or teachers' duty as their duty, too. Because school is a very big warehouse which giving them all knowledge. More than that, they want their school to become renew building because these days their school is very old and full of grimy scar.

Teachers students are cleaning wall  Teacher Poleak is cleaning wall  Schoolboy is cleaning wall  RKS students are cleaning wall

This is an initiative idea of Dr. Kawasaki and Mr. Kayoko. And they will come back from Japan to RKS in March with their japanese students to paint Rainbow building. And we are looking forward to see and welcome our donors's presence happily.

School labor in RKS

They are cleaning grasses  This thursday morning, In Rainbow and Kawasaki school had school labor in the school area, leaded by teacher Poleak. All the students arrived school in the early morning with some materials in their hands, such as: Hooked knives, hoes, and some kinds of vegetable grains to plant inside of the school gate.

 In those activities, some students clean up grasses and garbages to the trash bins, some students do cleaning in the classroom, gardens. And others they pile up dirt to build vegetable garden next to the well of school gate and they bring water up from well to water trees and flowers. Beside this, some school boys they take sand with cenment to patch up the cracked floor in other classrooms. They happy to working hard together with smiling faces without think about the tiring. Although it is very hot for them but, they did not grumble.

 Mean while, those activities is finish and after that the students play some games to forget their tiring. Because when we happy, our tiring will be lose. And these activities are always happen in our school because we always do environment cleaning  every months, especially in the rainy season. Because environment clean is very important for our health and our life.

They are watering plants  They are cleaning classroom  They are cleaning grass  They are patch up floor  Teacher Poleak is growing plants  They are doing vegetable garden  He is watering plants They are growing grain


Prizes for movie festival 2012

 Actor actress with giftIn the final result of 2012 movie festival, which organized by STEPS, Rainbow Kawasaki School(RKS) is the winner in the year of 2012. So Miraizi school and STEPS group donated us with the amount of 300USD to our Rainbow school as the first prize of the event.

How are we going to spend that 300 USD?

100 USD will be used to purchase some presents for the actors and actresses who acted in the film. Beside this we will use this money to buy a new PC machine for RKS, because these days in RKS has only two working PCs for computer class. And 200USD might not enough for a new good PC, so 60 USD in additional will be supplemented by our main donor Mr. Rick Dyck and Dr. Kawasaki & Madame Kayoko.

So today in morning,  we distributed the gifts to the children at RKS. The importain actors or actresses in the film are get one bag, five books, two pens, one ruler and a set of pencil case for each. And others get one bag, two books, and a set of pencil case. At that time they were very excited to receive a nice present from STEPS.

Lika is receiving giftSreypow is receiving giftTongsing is receiving giftActors actress are happying after receiving gifts from their theacher

Finally, we deeply thank to Mr. Harry and all members of STEPS who always support our school (Vogel and Rainbow school) every year. We wish you all the best in your life and your work.

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