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The Bernice Ryck & Kawasaki House

History of the Bernice Dyck & Kawasaki House.

Below is the message from Mr. Rick Dyck to his mother:

We have built a new house/dormitory at the Rainbow School for our teachers.  Attached is a photo of the sign which goes onto the dormitory.

The village of O-Sian Lair does not have good accommodations for teachers.  Last year we had a very good young lady come to the school as a teacher.  She seemed motivated and talented.  Unfortunately, the only place for her to stay was a tent which was made of a make-shift plastic sheet over some sticks.  She left the school after a year.

The make shift housing was not only uncomfortable, but it was not a safe place for a young lady to stay.  That is when we decided to build the dormitory.

The village collected the wood.  Dr. Kawasaki, Mrs. Kawasaki and I put up the money for the construction and outfitting of the building.

Please have a look at the sign.



Front far view of the teacher house.

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(Photo of the whole teacher house in distance view)

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Banner was Putting up the teacher's house at Rainbow-Kawasaki School

Banner_for_teacher_houseTeacher House of the Rainbow-Kawasaki School

According to the donation of Mr. Rick Dyck and Dr. Kawasaki to build the "Teacher's house" at the Rainbow-Kawasaki School since the project started on 23 May, 2010. Now the project is completely finished on 10 July, 2010 and all the teachers at Rainbow School also have moved to live in that house together.

Moreover, on July 22nd, 2010 Mr. Sovann Heng and Mr. Kunthea Thy went to the Rainbow-Kawasaki School to set up the banner to the new teacher's house as the bellow activities:

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Teacher House of the Raibow-Kawasaki School

Under the request of the school principal of the Rainbow-Kawasaki School named Sidau and the Ausinlè Community leader for 4 rooms of teacher house. Mr. Rick Dyck and Dr. Kawasaki agreed and supported with this proposal.

After preparing the materials for the construction about a month, the project started in 23 May 2010.

stone_sand_brick_piles wood_pile

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