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Excursion of Dr. Kawasaki-2014

On friday afternoon, 16th May 2014, Dr. Kawasaki and three japanese teachers visitded our Rainbow school. And they brought some books and pens to distribute to the students. Not only that, they also have some game tools to play with the students. The teachers and students of Rainbow school are very happy, they stood in two lines behind the school gate welcome them with very happy faces. After that, Dr. Kawasaki distributed the books and pens to every student, then they played game together with them. All students are very happy because this is the new and strange game for them.

 Finally, we are teachers and students of Rainbow school would like to deep thanks to Dr. Kawasaki and japanese teachers who always spend valuable time visited us every year.

School Painting Project by Japanese Volunteers 2014

On 28th February and 1 and 2 March 2014, In Rainbow school, we have 5 Japanese volunteer students and 1 teacher leaded by Mrs. Kawasaki Kayoko and Mr. Rick Dyck to paint outside of Kawasaki Building and inside of Dyck Family building of Rainbow Kawasaki School. The teachers and students of Rainbow school are very happy. They stand in front of the school gate to welcome them with happy faces. In that activicty, was participated from all teachers and grade 5-6 students of our Rainbow school.

Here below are the photos of them. 


2013 Movie Festival Gift

On Thursday morning 09th January 2014, we have distributed some gifts to the students who acted in the movie for the year 2013. Each of them got one bag, ten books, two pens, and one ruler. These presents are donation from STEPS in Japan. All the students are pleasesd to get these gifts And they would like to deep thank to STEPS that always support our movie every year.

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Japanese visitors visited in Rainbow School

 Infront of English class On monday 26th August 2013, there were five Japanese visitors visited in Rainbow school.

Gu-ssan (Mr. Norio Yamaguchi), Maru (Mrs. Ikue Tonegawa), Hiroto (Mr. Hiroto Ogawara 16yrs old), Ayano (Miss Ayano Ogawara 15yrs old), Nigel (Mr. Yuichi Ogawara).

They arrived in our Rainbow school at 2 o'clock. All students and teachers were very happy when they saw their presence like this. After that, they went into the English class to do presentation with the students about their school life in Jappan. And they also showed many beautiful  photos of their school and ancient grave to the students. The students were delighted after they saw those photos, because all photos were beautiful. And then, they taught the students how to fold the paper into other forms(Airoplane, etc.) and they also played some games (Jump rope) with the students, too. This is a sweet remembrance for our school.

Finally, they distributed some souvenirs to the kids(Pecils, Pens, Candies). And at 4 o'clock, they left back to Banlung with being nostalgic to the kids.

 At the end of time, we would like to express our deep thanks to Japanese visitors  as well as STEPS group who spend thier valuable time to visit our school.


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