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School History

There are two school buildings one is called Rainbow building and the other one named Kawasaki building which stay in the name of the Or Sieng Le Primary School.

Au Sienglè Primary School

This school project are under the good leadership of Mrs. Phaly Nuon, Director of the Future Light Orphanage.


The Rainbow building built in 2002 under the donation of Rick Dyck Family from America and the Social Fund of the Kingdom of Cambodian. This building has 4 rooms:

  • One room for Kindergarten

  • One room for grade one

  • One room for grade two and grade three.

  • One room for school principal office & warehouse.



The Kawasaki building donated by Dr. Kawasaki and Mrs Kawasaki from Japan in 2006. The building also has 4 rooms:

  • One room for grade 5 and grade 6

  • One room for grade 4

  • One room for English and Computer

  • One room for Library

The school located in Ausieng Lè Village, Kalaeng Commune, Lum Phath District, where is a remote mountain area over 30km from Banlung City of Ratanakiri Province.

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